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Getting started!

1. While you can view a list of reagents other clients post on the Home page, you will need a username and password to contact these clients or to offer your own reagents. To create a new account REGISTER HERE. Know that your information is never publicized on the site and only shared if you reach out to another client by way of the site email at your own discretion. And information is never shared with outside vendors.

2. Once you login two additional links appear at the top of the page: "Offer Reagent" and "Select Reagent".

3. "Offer reagent" allows you to post reagents that you would like to offer to other clients. You can enter new reagents, modify reagents currently listed or delete them. As you add reagents, a table below the edit and entry form shows a running list of all the reagents you have posted on the site. Other than the City and State of the offering client, no other personal information is listed about the offering client. Offering clients will provide contact information if they receive an email request from with the interested parites contact information.

4. "Select reagent" lets you view all the current postings being offered. You can search by name or sort the table by columns. To bring up all the reagents, simply clear the search text box and press enter. If you find a reagent you need, click the email client link in the last column named "inquire" and a separate page will open to send email to the offering client. Complete the email form expressing your interest in the reagent and send the message. All email is sent from as a "no reply". If the offering client would like to negotiate a deal, they will contact you at the email or phone you provide in the email. A table below the postings shows a running list of the reagents you have inquired about. Keep in mind that this table is for your convenience and does not update if postings are removed or no longer available. Items in this table can be easily deleted.

5. Check postings before you purchase any expensive or seldom used reagent. If you don't see the reagent listed, offer the amount you don't need on the site yourself!