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As an owner of a small laboratory that performs primarily flow cytometry, I know first hand how frustrating it is to order an expensive reagent you rarely need only to turn around in several months and have to discard it due to an expiration date! And most reagent vendors cannot customize the volume you need. Rather than see those reagents accumulate in the "research bin" or simply go to waste, I created a simple website to help connect laboratories that may be able to share resources:!

Guests can browse the list of reagents laboratories would like to offer on the home page. To offer your own reagents for a sharing arrangement with other laboratories, or to inquire about a reagent listed, just complete a simple registration process and navigate to the "Offer Reagent" or "Select Reagent" link. Contacts are initiated by the client selecting a reagent, so offering clients information is never publicized on the site. And registration information is never shared with outside vendors.

Thanks for visiting and for your continued support!

Christopher L. Felten